Using the Flash Components

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Using the Flash Components

You can achieve amazing effects with the NetObjects Fusion Flash components. The Flash components are pre-built mini-applications that add interactivity to your site without custom programming or scripting. You can preview the Flash components in NetObjects Fusion when you add a component to a page. The Flash components are customizable components that you can use to quickly develop interfaces for web applications. The Flash components are .swf files that can depend on other .swf files. These files are the ones you display in a Web page. There are more than 200 Flash components that can bring interactivity to your site. All of them are easy to use, and it is now easier than ever to change the look and feel of them. You can place on a page as many Flash components as you want, even of the same type. You can preview the Flash Components in the browser to see exactly how the Flash components look. You can access a Flash Component on the NetObjects Fusion Components Manager while in Page View. If you do not see them on the Components Manager:

  1. From the View menu, select Components.
  2. Check the Flash Component option you want to add (if it is not already checked).

The Flash Component will appear on the Fusion Components Manager.