Set Appointment Recurrence

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Set Appointment Recurrence

A recurring appointment is one that occurs at some regular interval, such as a meeting that happens every Monday or a birthday that happens every year. When you add the details of an event that you consider a "recurring" event, click on the Recurrence button to indicate how frequently the event takes place. You can schedule recurring events to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. In addition, you can customize recurring appointment schedules. When you schedule a recurring event, then that event is displayed on the Calendar at the interval you set. If you need to make changes to a recurring event, you have the option of editing just a single occurrence or all events in the series. To set appointment recurrences:

  1. On the Appointment and Event Details window, click on the Recurrence button.

The Appointment recurrences dialog appears.

  1. Set the recurrence details.
  2. The appointment time will be the time previously set for the event.
  3. On the Appointment time section, enter the time or click the down arrow to select a start time and an end time. The appointment time will be the time set previously for the event.
  4. From the Duration drop-down list, you can set event/appointment duration up to 2 weeks.
  5. Select one of the recurrence patterns: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. If necessary, customize the pattern further:
  • Daily. Enable this option, if it is an event that will repeat daily until a certain date or customize this option by choosing whether this event is every day or some other sequence such as every 2 days or 4 days or if it is a recurrent event on the working days.
  • Weekly. Enable this option for events that will occur once (or several times) every week until a specified date. Select whether it is a weekly recurring appointment or some other weekly pattern such as every 2 weeks. You can select which day of the week you want the appointment to take place
  • Monthly. Enable this option for events that occur every month on a certain day (e.g. a meeting on the third Thursday of every month) or for events that occur every month on a certain date (e.g. the 7th of every month). Select whether it is a monthly recurring appointment or some other monthly pattern such as every 2 months.
  • Yearly. Select a date for the yearly recurrence or which day of a month you want the appointment to repeat.

The event will be scheduled in the recurring pattern from the specified start date and time.

  1. On the Range of recurrence specify a start date and choose:
  • No end date radio button, if you don't want to end the recurrence.
  • End after ..occurrences radio button, if you want to set a number of recurrences.
  • End by radio button to set an end date.
  1. Click OK to save the recurrence settings.

The Appointment and Event Details Dialog appears.