Adding Text to a Shape or Picture

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Adding Text to a Shape or Picture

When you add text to a shape or picture, the text becomes part of a new image file when you publish the page. Because the text is part of the image, the site visitor's browser displays the correct font, even if the font is not installed in the visitor's browser.

You can select the Anti-Alias option to smooth fonts and remove the jagged edges from a text selection. Turning off this option produces a hard-edged transition between pixels, and therefore, the appearance of jagged edges is heightened.

To add text to a shape or picture:

  1. In Page view, select the shape or picture to which you want to add text.
    The corresponding properties panel appears. If you are working with a picture, click the Text on Image tab.
  2. Type the text you want to add. Press Enter to start a new line.
    If you do not insert line breaks, the text does not wrap and may not be seen if it is wider than the element.
  3. In the Font area:
    • Select a font, style, and size.
    • Click the Color box and select a color in the Color Picker.
    • Select a Matte color when using a transparent picture. A matte color is used to help blend the text with a background.
  4. In the Position/Text area:
    • Select Horizontal position and Vertical position for the text.

The Horizontal position and Vertical position settings position the text within the object frame.

  1. Type in the offset field to position the text from the margins by pixels. You cannot offset text that is positioned in the middle of an image.
  2. Select Alignment position for the text.
  • The alignment left-aligns, centers, or right-aligns two or more lines of text. It has no effect on single lines of text.
  1. Type in the Rotate field to change the text orientation by degrees.

To specify multiple lines of text in a SiteStyle banner or button, use the Custom Names dialog as described in Using Custom Button and Banner Names and File Extensions.

  1. Preview the image in Page view.