Adding Banners and Buttons

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Adding Banners and Buttons

You can add new Flash, image, or text banners and buttons in Style view. These SiteStyle elements can vary across pages and elements of different styles can be used to give your page a different look and feel. To create new banners and buttons:

  1. In Style view, with the Graphic tab selected, select the style you want to add a banner or button set to.
    • If adding a new banner, click on the Banner Properties tab.
    • If adding a new button set, click on the Primary, Secondary, or Flash Navigation Button Set Sample.

The Banner or NavBar Sample Properties panel appears, depending on which SiteStyle element you select.

  1. Select Flash, Image, or Text as the type of banner or button set to be added.
  2. Click Add Banner to add a new Banner, or click Add New Set to add a new button set.