Working with the CSS Code View

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Working in the CSS Code View

The CSS Code View displays all the CSS rules of a selected style, element, or style sheet. You can display and modify entire style sheets, such as the Style.css file that accompanies the NetObjects Fusion style or custom stylesheets you have created and imported into Style View.

The CSS Code view displays the CSS definitions of the currently selected SiteStyle in the Style Tree.

In CSS Code View, you can add and edit CSS rules by directly typing in the code editor. Any modifications you make to the existing CSS rules of a SiteStyle will automatically update the Style.css file that accompanies the style.

In Code View you can edit and remove CSS rules that are pre-developed rules in NetObjects Fusion, or you can create custom created CSS rules.

Note: Do not edit or delete pre-developed NetObjects Fusion CSS rules, if you are not familiar with CSS coding and the structure of SiteStyles within NetObjects Fusion. These actions cannot be undone.

The CSS Code view includes a context menu that appears on right-click inside the content of this view.