Using the Searchable Form Field Plugin (Chosen) in NetObjects Templates Volume 4

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Using the Searchable Form Field Plugin (Chosen) in NetObjects Templates Volume 4

Several templates from our newest release, Templates Volume 4, contain third party scripts modified for use in NetObjects Fusion. This tutorial will walk you through editing the scrolling, searchable form fields to take advantage of Chosen, a form script included. Templates that ship with the Chosen script are:

Layover - Blur1, Layover - Blue and Layover - Natural

Technical Details (How This Works)

Chosen has been modified to work with the Form Combobox field. The Form Combobox element is located in the Form Tools toolbar.


Adding The Combobox

  1. Add a combobox from the Form Tools toolbar.
  2. Edit the combobox from the Combo Box Properties palette.
  3. Add Elements by clicking the + sign.

The Enter Value dialog appears.

  1. Add a Name and a Value.
  • Name is what a customer will see upon filling out the form
  • Value defines the value associated with the input (and is also what is sent on submit)


  1. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for as many elements you require.

NetObjects Tip: You can select the element you wish to show by default by checking the Selected by default option.


For more information on forms, please see Designing and Implementing Forms.

  1. Publish your site and enjoy your interactive form combobox!


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