Setting the Quality

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Setting the Quality

  1. Select the File type.

Most photos will be JPEG format.

  1. Set the Quality and Percent.

These fields both affect image quality: 100% is the highest quality; 0% the lowest quality.

  • Set the Quality field first. Each setting corresponds to a range of percents. Low corresponds to 0-39%, Medium to 40-75%, High to 76-99%, and Maximum to 100%.
  • Use the Percent field to fine-tune the quality setting.
  1. To apply these settings to all the photos in the Gallery, click Apply to all albums.

This affects all thumbnail images or the detail images, depending on the selected option. The output settings of the selected image or album are applied to all photos in the current album or in all the albums.

  1. Click on the Output Settings drop-down list and choose Save Setting.

Note that a change must be made to the default settings in order to create a new setting.

  1. Type a name for the new output setting.
  2. Edit File Type, Quality and Percent, if necessary.
  3. Click OK.