Editing the Text Elements of SiteStyles

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Editing the Text Elements of SiteStyles

You can edit any text element of an existing SiteStyle to customize it. For instance, if you change the Heading 3 text style, the changes appear throughout your site wherever that style is applied. To customize style elements for some, but not all pages, you do not edit the SiteStyle, you edit the text in Page view. See Designing with Text. When you edit a SiteStyle's text elements, every site that uses the SiteStyle is affected. If the changes apply to text elements set to Automatic, the changes flow through to the other sites. To edit the text elements of a SiteStyle, you must first remove its Read only setting. See Removing the Read Only Setting.

  1. In Style view, select a SiteStyle from the list of styles.
  2. Click the Graphic tab. The Graphic View is displayed, containing the style's graphic and text elements.
  3. Scroll down until the text section is displayed on the screen.
  4. Click a text element to select it.

The text styles associated with lists are List, Ordered <OL>, List, Bulleted <UL>, and List Item <LI>. Selecting the type of bullet character or numbering automatically selects the proper text style from the ordered or bulleted list. Changing the <LI> style affects both types of lists.

Using the CSS panels, edit the properties of the selected text element. The changes will be visible on the Graphic View. For more information, see Working with CSS and SiteStyles.