Creating a Site from a Template

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Creating a Site from a Template

You can use templates that you or your colleagues create and templates created in previous versions of NetObjects Fusion. See Upgrading Your Sites.

  1. To create a new site based on a template, launch NetObjects Fusion and from the File menu of any view, select New Site > From Template.

The Select a Template File dialog appears. The Blank Site and Import templates are in the \AutoSites folder. Do not delete or move these templates. If these templates are not available in this folder, you cannot create a new site or import a site.

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the template you want, select the appropriate file, and click Open.

You can also open .nft template files that were created in earlier versions of NetObjects Fusion. The Save Site As dialog appears.

  1. Enter aname for the new site in the File name field.
  2. Select the location where you want to save the site. By default, NetObjects Fusion saves your site in the \My Documents\NetObjects\NetObjects Fusion\User Sites folder, but you can store it in the location of your choice.
  3. Click Save.

NetObjects Fusion opens in Site view and displays the page icons of the site you created. You can modify the SiteStructure as described in Working with the SiteStructure .