Assigning Checklists to Page Objects

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Assigning Checklists to Page Objects

When you place an object on the page, you can add tasks or associate tasks to that object. For example, you add an object on the page and you want to customize it at a later time by modifying the object properties settings. To make sure you do not forget to complete this task you can create a task checklist that is associated with this object. To add a task to an object on the page:

  1. Right-click on that object.
  2. Select the Add Task option. The Edit Task dialog appears.
  3. Complete the Edit Task dialog.

The tasks will be added to the currently selected checklist. You can add as many tasks as you please to an object. To see only the tasks related to an object, follow these steps:

  1. Select the object that contains the task.
  2. In the Tasks Checklist panel, select Currently Selected Object from the Change category drop-down list.

The tasks associated with the selected object will be displayed. If you select one or more objects in NetObjects Fusion , its associated tasks will be displayed in the task grid. If the selected objects are deleted, then their associated tasks are also deleted from the data grid. If an object containing a task is removed or added using the Undo/Redo method their associated tasks will also be removed or added from the checklist. The Currently Selected Object checklist has the same attributes as the other checklists. You can add, edit, remove, or rearrange tasks in this checklist.