Applying a MasterBorder to Multiple Pages

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Applying a MasterBorder to Multiple Pages

You can apply a MasterBorder to several pages at one time in Site view.

  1. In Site view, select the pages to which you want to apply the new MasterBorder. See Working with a Group of Pages.

The selected pages are listed at the bottom of the Properties panel.

  1. Click the Selected Pages tab.
  2. Make sure MasterBorder is displayed in the Property field.
  3. Select the MasterBorder you want fromtheValuedrop-down list.
  4. Click Set on all to apply the MasterBorder to all selected pages.

To apply the MasterBorder to an individual page, select the page, then select the MasterBorder you want to apply. You cannot undo this action; to restore the original MasterBorder, you must reassign it.