Adding a Web Font in NetObjects Fusion

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Adding a Web Font in NetObjects Fusion

Adding custom Web Fonts

Web Fonts give a site personality while making it more readable, accessible and dynamic. Web Fonts are a new addition in NetObjects Fusion and bring a host of design enhancements that make Websites more engaging.

Technical notes

NetObjects Fusion supports .ttf and .eot type font. If support for browsers before Internet Explorer 8 is needed, then use .eot, if not then .ttf. This tutorial uses fonts from Google fonts but any .ttf or .eot font can be added with permission to use on the web from the creator. This tutorial uses Cherry Cream Soda and Chewy, both of .ttf format.

Adding a Web Font

Find and open the Web Fonts directory located in the public documents folder > NetObjects Fusion> WebFonts

C:\Users\Public\Documents\NetObjects Fusion\WebFonts

Web Fonts local folder

Copy the Web Font files directly into the WebFonts folder.

Note: Web Font files can be copied over in a folder or just the font files themselves.

NetObjects Fusion will have the fonts available in any font selection box once opened.

Chewy Web Font shown in font selection list

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