Adding a Site Map Button

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Adding a Site Map Button

Site Mapper is a Java navigation applet that site visitors can use to create an interactive map of a site. If your site is large, Site Mapper simplifies navigation by providing a detailed view of the site's levels. Using the site map, visitors can jump directly from page to page without using the page navigation controls.

The Site Map button provides three ways for visitors to view the site:

  • By structure, similar to Site view in NetObjects Fusion.
  • In an outline view
  • By searching for certain words

To add a Site Map button and set its properties:

  1. In Page view, display the page where you want to add the Site Mapper component. The Site Mapper does not show pages above this page in the site hierarchy.

If you place the Site Mapper component in a MasterBorder, you can place it on any page using that MasterBorder. It is recommended, however, that you place a Site Mapper component in the Layout of a single page in the site.

  1. Select the Site Mapper tool from the NetObjects NOF Standard toolbox.
  2. Draw a box on the page to indicate the location of the Site Map button.

The Site Map button and the Site Mapper Properties panel appear.

  1. To change the image displayed for the Site Map button, double-click the Image row, then select the image file you want from the Picture File Open dialog.

The selected image appears on the page.

You can add an action to an object using the Actions tab. See Building Dynamic Pages.