Adding Sub-Buttons

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Adding Sub-Buttons

If a DynaButton contains sub-buttons, the sub-buttons appear when a site visitor clicks the DynaButton. The sub-button shows information about the link associated with the button. For example, if a sub-button is linked to an external link, the sub- button displays the asset name for the external link.

To add sub-buttons and set the properties:

  1. In Page view, create a DynaButton as described in Adding DynaButtons.
  2. Double-click the Use Sub-Buttons row.

Yes appears in the right column and NetObjects Fusion adds a Number Sub-Buttons row under the Use Sub-Buttons row.

  1. To specify the number of sub-buttons, select the Number Sub-Buttons row, enter the number of buttons, and click the check mark.

The limit is 20 sub-buttons. The appropriate number of sub-button rows appear, numbered in sequential order.

  1. To define the link for each sub-button, double-click the appropriate sub-button row, such as Sub-Button 1,2. The first number, in this case the 1, identifies the button for which the sub-button was created, and the second number is the number of the current sub-button.

The Link dialog appears. See Creating Links and Anchors.

  1. Specify the link information and click Link.
  2. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create and define each sub-button.