Adding Reset, Submit, Custom, and AutoClose Buttons

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Adding Reset, Submit, Custom, and AutoClose Buttons

After adding objects for collecting data from site visitors, you must add a Submit button to send the data to your Web server. You can also supply a Reset button so visitors can clear the form and start over. After creating the form as described in Creating a Form:

  1. In Page view, select the Forms Button tool from the Form toolbar.
  2. Draw a rectangle on the form.
  3. Set the Forms Button properties.
    • Name. Use the name your script references.
    • Type. Choose a button type:
    • Image. To use a picture as a label, select Image, click Browse, and choose an image file from the Picture File Open dialog.

When you use an image as the label for a form button, that button can only submit information. It cannot be used as a reset button.

  • Submit creates a button that sends the site visitor's responses to the script on the server.
  • Reset creates a button that reverts to the form's initial settings.
  • Button creates a custom button that runs the script you add using the HTML button.
  • Close window creates a button that closes the form's browser window when the form is submitted.
  • Value. Type a value to be displayed on the button.
  • Disabled. Click this check box to disable the button. The button will appear on the form, but will not be active for visitors to use.
  • Style. Select a style to apply formatting to the button.
  • HTML. Opens the Object HTML dialog so you can add a script that runs when site visitors click the custom button. See Accessing an Object's HTML.