Adding Products

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Adding Products

You add products on the Products tab of the E-Commerce Catalog Properties Editor.

  1. Open the catalog Properties Editor.
  2. Enter in product information by navigating to the sub-tabs located on the Products tab.

Attributes. Add detailed information that will identify your product, such as a name or part number. To assign specific characteristics such as color and size. See Adding Options.

The attributes field will depend on the store being used. Refer to your Store's user manual for further information regarding these options.

Description. Provide your customers with a brief and extended product description. The descriptions can be shown on the List page and Detail pages of your catalog. See Formatting the List Page and Formatting the Detail Page.

Also, you can add product comments and keywords related to a specific product that is viewable only in the E-Commerce Catalog Properties Editor.

Detail Image. Upload an image associated with the selected product. Use the options on the Detail Image tab to configure the output settings. For information about image output settings. See Controlling Download Time.

Thumbnail Image. Display the product detail image as a thumbnail image that links to the Detail page. See Controlling Download Times.

Related Products. Related products can be used to promote similar products in your catalog. You can display products that customers may be unaware of on the Detail page of a related product.

You can also import a product list. See Importing Products.