Adding Actions in Timeline Mode on Enter Frame Event

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Adding Actions in Timeline Mode on Enter Frame Event

Within the selected animation, you can also add "Enter Frame" actions for an object.

To add an Enter Frame action to an object:

  1. Add the object to the Timeline Animation.
  2. Select the object's layer.
  3. On the Object's layer, right-click the frame to which you want to set up an Enter Frame action.
  4. From the context-menu, select the Add Action option.

The Set Action dialog appears, with the following fields disabled:

  • When - Is set to "Enter Frame" and cannot be changed;
  • ActionMode - Is set to "Standard Action" and cannot be changed; scripted actions and timeline actions cannot be added to a frame.
  • Target - Is set to the currently selected object, which is the one selected in TLE also.
  • Parameter(s) - Enabled only when a function (Message) has parameters.
  • Cascade message.

You can also add Enter Frame actions to Flash components that have the loop effect option enabled.

The Flash Functions menu entries are Play, Pause, and Stop Flash. They are visible only for Flash objects. The play, pause, and stop functions are referring to the looping effect, not to the intro or outro effect.

Within a keyframe, you may have more than one action. To see all the actions set for an object's frame:

  1. Right-click the frame.
  2. From the context-menu, select the Manage Actions option. The Actions dialog displays all the actions set on the selected frame for the selected object.

By using the "+" and "-" buttons, you may delete or add new actions or set their appliance order using the arrow buttons.