About the Timeline Editor

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About the Timeline Editor

With the Timeline editor, you can organize objects and precisely control the timing of objects in layers and frames.

Timeline Editor offers you the possibility to create animations using any object that is already placed on the layout. The objects that are added to an animation may:

  • Change position for different time frames.
  • Change dimension, creating a zooming in or out effect.
  • Change the background color, or the font color in the case of the text objects.
  • Change text properties: font'size, font family, font weight, font style, etc.
  • Change their visibility.
  • Change the background image (text, layout region, tables).

The Timeline Toolbar

In Page View, the Timeline toolbar offers you the possibility to enter the Timeline mode or to create a new animation before entering the Timeline mode. If you have any object on the page layout, you can also make the selected object a trigger of the timeline animation. If no object is selected, the layout becomes a trigger for a timeline action.

Note: The Timeline toolbar is available only in Page View.