About the Component Manager

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About the Component Manager

The Component Manager provides a way for you to organize your toolboxes and save space as you work in Page view. The first time you open your site in Page view, the Component Manager panel will be docked to the left of the page. The Component Manager can be docked, auto-hidden, resized, or grouped with other panels. If you close the Component Manager, it will re-appear the next time you add a component toolbox.

All NetObjects Fusion component toolboxes can be added to the Component Manager.

The Component Manager displays the components on three tabs:

  • Custom Components, which contains the NOF Components, the Online Services, and the Plug-Ins.
  • DB Components, which contains the Data-base Components.
  • Flash Components, which contains the library of all the Flash Components.

To add a component toolbox to the Component Manager:

  1. From the View menu, choose Components.
  2. Select the component toolbox you want to add.

The component toolbox will be displayed in the Component Manager,on the corresponding tab.

In the Component Manager, you view only the active toolboxes. You make a toolbox active by clicking on the toolbox and expanding it. Once you make a new toolbox active, the previous toolbox collapses.

Individual component toolboxes can be ungrouped by dragging their title bar away from the Custom Components panel. This will create a second Custom Components panel.

  • To view an object description, right-click on the component. A brief summary of the object will be displayed in the Component manager.
  • To view toolboxes in the Component Manager, click the up or down arrows.
  • To float a toolbox, drag the toolbox out of the Component Manager container and place it anywhere on the page.
  • To dock a toolbox, drag the toolbox out of the Component Manager container and dock any other side of page.
  • To dock a toolbox within another docked or floating component panel, drag the toolbox over the panel while pressing the Shift button.
  • To dock a toolbox back in the Component Manager, press Shift and drag the toolbox back into the Component Manager container.