About Panels

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About Panels

You can set the positioning of panels in your workspace so they are floating or docked. You can dock the panel by dragging the panel by its title bar until the positioning arrows on the screen are displayed. Holding the left mouse button while you drag, move the panel over the arrow that indicates the position where you would like to dock the panel. You can float the panel by dragging its title bar. While still holding the mouse button down, move towards the area where you want to place it and then release the mouse button.

Positioning Panels

When a floating panel is set to minimize and you move your mouse over its title bar, the panel will expand. When an auto-hidden floating panel loses focus, it automatically slides under its title bar. While a panel is auto-hidden, only its title bar will be visible in the workspace.To display an auto-hidden floating panel, move your pointer over its title bar or click on it. The panel will slide back into view.

Use the buttons in the lower left of the Page view window to open and close the Properties panel, Site Navigation panel, Object Tree, and CSS panels.